Annual Arizona Archives Summit

The Arizona Archives Summit is an annual two-day workshop sponsored by the Arizona Historical Records Advisory Board (AHRAB) with support from the Arizona Archives Alliance. This event is an opportunity for archivists from all over the state to get together, network and participate in professional presentations and discussions.

2022 Arizona Archive (Virtual) Summit

January 6th and 7th, 2022

The 2022 Summit was presented virtually via Zoom. Video recordings of each of the session will be added soon!

See the bottom of the page for agendas from previous years. The 2021 agenda includes links to video recordings of all sessions. 

2022 AZ Archives Summit Schedule
Thursday, January 6th, 2022

9:00 AM      Fires, Water Leaks, and Windstorms Oh My! How to prepare for an event that could place your collections at risk

Cultural heritage collections are always at risk of loss from a range of hazards from water leaks to fires to structural collapse. Custodians of collections work to prepare for such events by engaging in risk management exercises to develop response plans, with staff training and awareness, and by caching supplies of items that will be needed in the case of an event that impacts collection materials. Preserving human lives is always the priority in a disaster, but after environments have been stabilized it is important to know priorities for salvage, to know appropriate techniques for salvage, and to have relationships with vendors that have experience with cultural heritage materials. Here is a link to the recording of this session:

  • Lauren Amundson, Archivist and Librarian, Lowell Observatory
  • Jill Friedmann, Interim Department Head: Content, Discovery, and Delivery Services, Northern Arizona University
  • Jo Anne Martinez-Kilgore, Conservator, Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records

10:00 AM Guiding Research in the Archives: Challenges and Solutions for Providing Access

In this presentation, Archivists from the Arizona State Archives will discuss their experience providing virtual and hybrid access to collections during the initial covid pandemic up to the present. The discussion will highlight some mitigation strategies they implemented to ensure patrons’ research needs were met. At the end of the presentation, they will provide tips and tricks for institutions that provide in-person and virtual reference services. The presentation will end with an open forum to discuss access issues. Here is a link to the recording of this session:

  • Jane Cadwalader, Reference Archivist, Arizona State Library, Archives, & Public Records
  • Kaitlin D’Amico, Archivist, Arizona State Library, Archives, & Public Records

2:00 PM The Confidential Files: Challenges in Identifying, Keeping and Providing Access to Sensitive Information

Having confidential records in public archives opens up a host of challenges.  Join us as we discuss the confidential records that we have encountered in our institutions.  We will discuss why some records are confidential, how to identify confidential records, how archives respond to the challenge of keeping confidential records, and the implications of keeping confidential records in public repositories. Here is a link to the recording of this session:

  • Laura Palma Blandford, Interim State Archivist,Arizona State Library, Archives, & Public Records
  • Kaitlin D’Amico, Archivist, Arizona State Library, Archives, & Public Records
  • Shannon Walker, University Archivist, Arizona State University

3:00 PM Arizona Archives Summit Networking Event

Join colleagues from around the state for a time of casual discussion, fun icebreaker games and trivia! 


Friday, January 7th, 2022

9:00 AM Why am I scanning this? That is the question. Access or Preservation?

The urge to create images of collection items is difficult to resist. Access online to collection items through a multitude of digital platforms has exploded. Researchers and the public can explore a wide variety of topics. The planning, description, capture, and organization of the digital files created varies from project to project and organization to organization. Quick access is created with minimal decision-making and basic processes. Permanent files result from careful project planning.  Thoughtful and thorough capture, metadata creation, and ingest to a digital repository CAN result in permanent digital files. How do institutions determine the appropriate steps for scanning items so they do not create unstable or unsearchable digital objects — digital objects that will cost more to reorganize or access in the future. How do institutions determine what strategy is appropriate for their collections and audience? Here is a link to the recording of this session:

  • Timothy Provenzano, Project Manager and Reformatting Lead, Collections Care and Processing, ASU Library
  • P. Westenskow, Digital Imaging Technician, Center for Creative Photography
  • Margie Cantrell, Manager of Systems and Records Maintenance, Salt River Project
  • Moderator:  Jo Anne Martinez-Kilgore, Conservator, Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

10:00 AM Archiving Arizona’s Communities

Carlos Lopez (Archivist, Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records) is teaming with Summer Cherland of South Mountain Community College history department and her team to talk about their project creating an archive for and about SMCC and the South Mountain community as a whole. In addition, they will be talking about some of the resources that the State Archives has to help with community organizations and how we can work with them to open up archives to everyone. Here is a link to the recording of this session:

2:00 PM Records Management Q&A

Society produces a tremendous amount of records and not all of it is destined for archives.  So what do you  do with it all? Staff from the Archives and Records Management Branch of the Arizona State Library, Archives, and Public Records will host a question and answer session to help people manage non-archival or pre-archival records.  Submit your questions in advance to Laura Palma Blandford ( or bring them to this informative session. Here is a link to the recording of this session:


3:00 PM The Shades of Route 66 in Arizona: Celebrating Diversity along Arizona’s Historic Route 66

This presentation  is inspired by the Los Angeles Public Library project titled Shades of L.A.: A Search for Visual Ethnic History.   The project aims to identify and share the under-represented voices and stories of Route 66 in the state of Arizona. These stories are often overshadowed by the dominant or hegemonic perspective. This project will help raise awareness of these stories in an effort to tell a more rounded story of historic Route 66 in the state of Arizona. The final product will be made available via an ArcGIS StoryMap. Archivists Sean Evans and Peter Runge (Northern Arizona University) will share an overview of the project, its goals, and the progress to date. Here is a link to the recording of this session:

  • Sean Evans, Archivist, Northern Arizona University
  • Peter Runge, Head of Special Collections and Archives, Northern Arizona University

Previous Summit agendas:

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