Annual Arizona Archives Summit

The Arizona Archives Summit is an annual two-day workshop sponsored by the Arizona Historical Records Advisory Board (AHRAB) with support from the Arizona Archives Alliance. This event is an opportunity for archivists from all over the state to get together, network and participate in professional presentations and discussions.

2021 Arizona Archive (Virtual) Summit

February 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, 2021

This year’s Summit was presented via Zoom with two sessions on each Thursday in February, one at 10:00 am and the other at 2:00 pm

See below for descriptions of the 2021 Summit sessions and links to the video recordings: 

Session 1: Documenting the Year 2020: A Discussion (2/4, 10:00 am) 

Join us for a lively discussion-style presentation about various efforts to document COVID-19.  Representatives from Arizona State University will present about their A Journal of the Plague Year (JOTPY) project. There will also be an opportunity for others to share how their institutions have documented the pandemic and/or other to events including (but not limited to!) social justice movements, protests, a presidential election, and natural disasters. Click here for a link to the video. 

Session moderators are Leah Harrison (SRP) and Shannon Walker (Arizona State University).

Guest speakers:

  • Susan A. Barrett, Archival Consultant, Arizona State University, “A Journal of the Plague Year: A Participatory Rapid Response Archive”
  • Erin Craft, Master’s Candidate, Arizona State University, “JOTPY as a Community of Practice”
  • Joey Dorian, Master’s Candidate, Global History, Arizona State University, “Student Involvement in the Digital Collections”
  • Chris Twing, Graduate Student Intern, Arizona State University, “Interning: A Valuable Experience”
  • Dr. Cheryl Jiménez Frei, Assistant Professor of Public History and Latin American History, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, “From Engaging Students to Documenting the Undocumented: JOTPY in Teaching and Addressing Archival Silences” 

Session 2: Certifications in Archives and Records Management (2/4 2:00 pm)

There are many different  types certifications available for archives and records management professionals.  This session will do a short overview of the major certifications and then roundtable members will discuss their experiences.  Members can discuss overall value and benefits, their reasons for obtaining certifications, and the role of certifications in the profession. Certifications: CRA/CRM, LGARA (NAGARA), CA (Academy of Certified Archivists).  Click here for a link to the video. 

Session moderator is Laura Palma-Blandford (Arizona State Library, Records & Archives)

Guest Speakers: 

  • Eric Flohr, Pima County Records Management
  • Kaitlin D’Amico, Arizona State Library, Records & Archives
  • Harold Housley, Arizona State University
  • Angela Ossar, Information Governance Manager · ‎Office of Texas Governor
  • Robert Ballard, Records Manager at Mohave County

Session 3: Records Management & Information Governance: A Brief Introduction (2/11, 10:00 am) 

This presentation explores basic tenets of records management and information governance including the lifecycle of records; standards and procedures for program management; retention schedules and defensible disposition; examples of essential records; and an update on the ASL permanent electronic records server (i.e. Preservica). Click here for a link to the video.   

Session presenters are Eric Flohr (Pima County Records Manager), Robert Ballard (Records Manager at Mohave County), and Laura Keller (Electronic Records Archivist, Arizona State Library, Records & Archives)

Session 4: Managing COVID in the Archival Workplace (2/11, 2:00 pm) 

This roundtable will address the short-term and long-term effects of COVID in the archival, records management, and museum communities.  Panel speakers will discuss the impact on both public and non-public operations, fiscal implications, and workforce health. Click here for a link to the video.

Session presenters are  Sean Evans (Northern Arizona University), Jennifer Shaffer Merry (Arizona Historical Society), and Jo Anne Martinez-Kilgore (Conservator, Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records)

Session 5: Emerging Technologies in Archives and Records Management (2/18, 10:00 am) 

Archival and Records Management bodies are not immune to the encroachment of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  This session will examine emerging technologies and their applications to archives and records management. There will also be some discussion of the impact of future AI technologies in displacing existing roles and responsibilities of information professionals. Click here for a link to the video.

Session moderators are Eric Flohr (Pima County Records Management) and Laura Palma-Blandford (Arizona State Library, Records & Archives)

Session 6: Update on Native American Protocols (2/18 2:00 pm) 

This session will be an opportunity for institutions to provide an update on implementation efforts, what is going well, and what are some of the challenges they have faced. Click here for a link to the video.

Session Moderator is Sean Evans (Northern Arizona University

Guest speakers: 

  • Sam Meier, Archivist for Discovery, Northern Arizona University
  • Sara Guzman, Museum Archivist, Tohono O’odham Nation

Session 7: Special Archives (Museum, Corporate, Political) (2/25, 10:00 am)

Examination of how private sector archives differ from public sector archives.  What makes them unique?  What are the expectations of management and customers?  What are differences in policies, procedures, statutes, etc.? Click here for a link to the video. 

Session moderators are Dennis Preisler (Arizona State Library, Records & Archives) and Leah Harrison (SRP)

Guest speakers:

  • Leah Harrison, Manager, Salt River Project Research Archives and Heritage
  • Dr. Adair Landborn, Curator, Cross-Cultural Dance Resources Collection, Arizona State University
  • Melissa Lawton, Archivist, Museum of Northern Arizona

Session 8: Black Culture and History in Arizona (2/25, 2:00 pm)

A panel discussion/roundtable about how the history and culture of black communities is documented in Arizona and what role archivists play in the process. Should we be “gatekeepers” of documented history or more “facilitators”? Would a more community-driven approach be more effective? What can we do better? Representatives from the City of Phoenix will discuss the city’s Ethnic Heritage Story Map project. Click here for a link to the video.

Session moderators are Leah Harrison (SRP) and Shannon Walker (Arizona State University).

Guest speakers:

  • Michelle Dodds, Historic Preservation Officer, City of Phoenix
  • Maura Jackson, Planner I, City of Phoenix
  • Crystal Carrancho, Planner I, City of Phoenix
  • Bernard Wilson, local historian 
  • Bruce Nelson, NEB Productions

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