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In April 2013, Arizona Archives Online (AAO) institutional members unanimously voted to create a partnership with the Arizona Archives Alliance and to work together under the same umbrella.

To pay AAO AND AzAA dues, please choose a link below:


Choose a Membership Level*
AAO/AzAA Non-Profit, large – $530.00
AAO/AzAA Non-Profit, small – $180.00
AAO/AzAA Commericial Institution, large – $600.00
AAO/AzAA Commercial Institution, small – $250.00

*Please note that AZAA will only cover registration or meal costs during events for individual, student, or patron member, and that working for an institutional member will not cover these costs.

**Please enter a contact name for non-profit and business memberships, we will contact you for the name of the organization. Or, you may add your institution name as a note to your payment.  Thank you!

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