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Happy New Year from AzAA! This month we feature a write-up from Shannon Walker, President of AzAA and current Assistant Archivist of University Archives at Arizona State University Library. The AzAA President’s message is always a welcoming message to our outstanding archival community of Arizona in the new year and we thank Shannon for this post.

Happy New Year! We hope this blog finds you and your family happy and well in the New Year. The turning of another year gives us the opportunity to look back and appreciate all that we have learned and accomplished over the last 365 days. For some of us, we were barely able to put one foot in front of the other. We navigated our personal and professional lives one step at a time, managing the impact of a pandemic and economic issues in addition to the challenges of regular life. For others, we were able to walk steadily. We had dreams and set goals and we were able to see them come to fruition. We graduated or got that job or promotion and our efforts or projects were acknowledged. For some of you out there this year was a hike. It was a challenge but the view at the top made it all worthwhile.  We were active and engaged, deliberate and focused. We were able to meet the year’s challenges with leadership and expertise. 

Wherever you were in 2021, we are grateful to be along with you on the journey. We hope AzAA can help you do a little bit better in 2022. We hope we can provide you with support in some way. Perhaps through an event or discussion that sparks an idea or a little inspiration, something that makes your walk a little smoother.

Here’s to surviving 2021 and wishing for a little better in 2022!

Photo credit: “Picnic Group at South Mountain,” McCulloch Brothers Inc. Photographs, CP MCLMB A1099. Arizona State University Libraries: Arizona Collection.

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