Annual Symposium Oct 7, 2016

Click here for more details on the “What’s My Job Again?” Symposium. As always, this symposium is free to attend. Lunch is provided free to members. Non-members can be purchase lunch for $10. To purchase lunch, you can use the “Pay Now” button below or join the organization for just $20 professionals/$10 for students. Because space is limited, we requestContinue reading “Annual Symposium Oct 7, 2016”

Internship Symposium

Rebecca Goldman is Head of the Archives and Digital Initiatives Department at Connelly Library, La Salle University (Philadelphia) and is working on a MA in Public History at La Salle. She earned her MSLIS from Drexel University and completed paid internships at Drexel University Libraries and the University of Pennsylvania Libraries. Rebecca is the founderContinue reading “Internship Symposium”